FWF Stand-alone project P 25975-N25, 2013-2016
Strange Attractors and Inverse Limit Spaces

Short desciption a Henon attractor
This proposal concerns the topological structure of strange attractors of Hénon type, which emerge universally in chaotic dynamics, for example, in generic unfoldings of homoclinic bifurcations. The standard example are the Hénon attractors themselves, but in its most transparent, linearised form, they are produced by the Lozi map. Despite its widespread appearance in chaotic dynamics, the topological structure of Hénon-like attractors is poorly understood. This proposal suggest to use techniques from unimodal inverse limit spaces (UILs), and specifically the classification methods that led to the solution of the Ingram conjecture, to explore the substructures and possible classification of Hénon-like attractors. This will be combined with symbolic and graphic techniques to display Hénon-attractors and their substructure on small scale. self-asymptotic arc-composant

Project funds were used to fund the Workshop "Dynamical systems and continuum theory", June 29-July 3 2015, at the University of Vienna, organized by Jan Boroński, Henk Bruin and Sonja Štimac. Apart from 8 invited talks, there were three minicourses. Click for the program

Publications completed or initiated in this project