FWF Stand-alone project P 31950-N35, 2013-2016
Geometric and ergodic properties of flows

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The FWF-funded stand-alone project "Geometric and ergodic properties of flows" ran from February 2019 until October 2022 and included one PhD student Homero Canales, one postdoc Olga Lukina and the PI Henk Bruin. The central object of study are mthematical flow, both coming from physical models (sch a billiard flows, Lorenz flows and Lorentz flows - Lorenz and Lorentz were two different scientist, wrking in meteorology and particle physics respectively), and more theoretical, such as flows on translation surfaces f finite or infinite genus. The ergodic and statistical properties of such flow are inverstigated, describing weak mixing, mixing and mixing rates, and futher statistical properties and limit theorems. One particular flow, which is central to the PhD project of Homero Canales, was a neutral Lorenz flow in which the organising saddle is neutral, giving rise to polynmial mixing rates of the flow.

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