Cartan Connections,
Geometry of Homogeneous Spaces,
and Dynamics

Two week workshop at the International Erwin Schrödinger Institute (ESI) in Vienna.

Time: The workshop is scheduled for July 10 - July 23, 2011. The two weeks will be specifically devoted to Note that parallel to our workshop there is the programme "Dynamics of General Relativity: Numerical and Analytical Approaches" at the ESI, which could be of interest for participants.
Another activity which takes place right after ours and which could be intersting for participants of our workshop is the conference
FDIS2011 - Finite Dimensional Integrable Systems in Geometry and Physics, 26.07 - 29.07.2011 Jena (Germany), see

 Andreas Cap (University of Vienna)

 Charles Frances (Université Paris-Sud)

 Karin Melnick (University of Maryland)

Schedules of talks and abstracts (minor changes are still possible)

Some local information: Since the ESI is part of the University of Vienna since June 1, there have been some recent changes in the administration. In particular, this concerns the way per-diems are paid. If you will get a per-diem from the ESI to cover your expenses in Vienna (see ESI invitation letter), you will be reimbursed via bank transfer. Thus, please have the following personal bank details ready upon arrival:

A few suggestions for things to do in Vienna apart from mathematics.

Proceedings: While we do not plan to publish proceedings, participants have the opportunity to submit articles related to the workshop a regular issue of Central European Journal of Mathematics (CEJM) dedicated to "Finite dimensional integrable systems, dynamics, and Lie theoretic methods in geometry and mathematical physics".

Prospective authors are kindly invited to register at the CEJM paper processing system and submit their contribution using a special track established for this topical issue. Alternatively, a manuscript can be sent directly to any of guest editors (Andreas Cap, Karin Melnik or Vladimir Matveev). The deadline for paper submission will be 31.10.2011. All articles will go through the standard peer-review process.

Background and aims: Cartan connections offer a general framework for the description of certain differential-geometric structures. The basic idea of this description is that the manifolds endowed with a Cartan geometry are described as ``curved analogs'' of a homogeneous space, called the homogeneous model of the geometry. The existence of an equivalent description of a geometric structure as a Cartan geometry usually is not straightforward but the result of a theorem, sometimes a rather difficult one. Usually, such results say that some structures give rise to a canonical Cartan connection. Several classical results in these directions go back to Élie Cartan.

Many of the geometric structures that can be equivalently described as Cartan geometries are studied independently by other means as well, and there are many recent examples of very fruitful interaction between these communities and people working on Cartan geometries. The aim of our workshop is to intensify this exchange. It is planned for two weeks with different emphasis and different participants in the two weeks, with some overlap. The main focus in the first week will be conformal geometry and its generalizations, while in week two, we want to focus on relations between Cartan geometries and dynamics.

We aim for substantial participation by graduate students and early-career mathematicians, and we welcome suggestions of potential participants from this group.

Specific topics for the week on conformal geometry include

The week on dynamics will devoted to

Participants: For the following participants dates have been preliminarily fixed:
D. Alekssevski (Univ. Hall, UK) July 18-24
J. Alt (Univ. Wittwatersrand, South Africa)      July 11-22
T. Barbot (Univ. Avignon, France) July 11-22
H. Baum (Humbold Univ., Germany) July 11-22
O. Biquard (ENS Paris, France) July 11-17
J. Case (Princeton Univ.) July 11-22
S. Casey (Univ. Cambride, UK) July 10-17
D. Constantine (Univ. Chicago) July 17-22
Y. Cornulier (CNRS - Univ. Paris 11, France)      July 17-22
A. Derdzinski (Ohio State Univ.) July 10-17
B. Doubrov (Minsk, Belarus) July 10-16
Q. Dufour (Univ. Paris 6) July 10-22
S. Dumitrescu (Univ. Nice, France) July 14-22
M. Dunajski (Univ. Cambridge) July 10-17
M. Eastwood (ANU, Canberra, Australia)      July 10-20
R. Feres (Washington Univ. St. Louis, USA)      July 17-22
R. Gover (Univ. Auckland, New Zealand) July 10-21
R. Graham (Univ. Washington, USA) July 10-16
J. Gregorovic (Masaryk Univ., Brno) July 18-22
M. Hammerl (Univ. Vienna) July 11-22
K. Hirachi (Univ. Tokyo, Japan) July 11-16
J-M. Hwang (KIAS, Seoul, Korea) July 17-23
A. Juhl (Univ. Uppsala, Sweden) July 11-22
Y. Kamishima (Tokyo Matrop. Univ.) July 16-23
F. Kassel (Univ. Chicago) July 17-25
I. Kath (Univ. Greifswald,Germany) July 17-23
W. Krynski (IHES) July 10-16
S. Krysl (Charles Univ, Prague) July 10-16
B. Lackey (NSA) July 11-22
T. Leistner (Univ. of Adelaide, Australia) July 11-21
F. Leitner (Univ. Stuttgart) July 10-16
C. Luebbe (Univ. Leicester, UK) July 10-16
K. Mann (Univ. Chicago, USA) July 18-22
G. Manno (Univ. Milano, Italy) July 17-22
M.J. Markowitz (Inform. Sec. Corp.) July 10-18
J. Matthews July 11-22
V. Matveev (Univ. Jena, Germany) July 11-22
B. Mc Kay (Trinity College, Ireland) July 10-16
J. Merker (Univ. Orsay) July 10-16
T. Mettler (UC Berkeley) July 11-15
J.P. Michel (Univ. Luxembourg) July 14-22
D. Monclair (ENS Lyon) July 16-22
K. Neusser (ANU, Canberra, Australia) July 11-22
A. Nevo (Technion, Israel) July 17-23
P. Nurowski (Warsaw, Poland) July 10-16
B. Orsted (Aarhus Univ., Denmark) July 10-16
S. Pocchiola (ENS Paris) July 10-16
C. Rossi (Univ. Avignon, France) July 18-22
D. Ruiz (Univ. Maryland, USA) July 10-22
M. Sabzevari (Isfahan Univ. of Tech.) July 10-22
K. Sagerschnig (ANU, Canberra, Australia) July 11-22
D. Schliebner (Humboldt Univ., Berlin) July 10-16
J. Silhan (Masaryk Univ., Czech republic)      July 12-22
J. Slovak (Masaryk Univ., Czech republic)      July 11-22
P. Somberg (Charles Univ., Czech republic)      July 10-16
V. Soucek (Charles Univ., Czech republic)      July 11-15
A. Taghavi-Chabert Masaryk Univ., Czech republic)      July 10-20
D. The (Texas A&M Univ., USA) July 11-22
B. Warhurst (Univ. New S. Wales, Australia) July 11-16
V. Zadnik (Masaryk Univ., Czech Republic) July 11-15
L. Zalabova July 11-22
A. Zeghib (ENS Lyon, France) July 18-22
I. Zelenko (Texas A&M Univ., USA) July 10-16
R. Zimmer (Univ. Chicago) July 18-21